Top Five Laminate Floor Cleaning Tips

Clean Laminate Floor

Article by Carpet World Oakham

Wondering how to clean laminate floors and keep them looking great for years? Check out Carpet World Oakham’s best tips to ensure you keep your laminate floors maintained for many years to come.

  1. Don’t Use Abrasive Tools

Laminate floors can be scratched and damaged very easily, so it’s important not to use heavy tools when cleaning laminate floors. If you want to clean up debris or dirt off your laminate floor, use a broom. 

2. Use a Mop to Keep Them Fresh and Clean

To keep your laminate floors fresh, mop them at least once or twice a month. Using a mop can pick up any dirt that a vacuum or broom cannot pick up. They can also help to eliminate any odours that have soaked into the ground, keeping your home fresh and smelling great. 

3. Don’t Use Too Much Water when Mopping!

Applying too much water on laminate floors is a big no-no, especially when water is likely to start seeping through the floorboards and can cause damp / damage to your laminate floorboards. Be sure to use a small / adequate amount when mopping. 

4. Only Use Products That are Made For Laminate Flooring

Be careful when applying products to your flooring and be sure to read the labels to check whether they are made for laminate flooring!

5. Use Mats Where Necessary

If you have laminate flooring that begins from your hallway, all the way through to your kitchen and dining room, be sure to purchase and utilise a welcome mat – so that yourself, household and guests can respectfully wipe their shoes before entering your home – this may prevent bringing in unnecessary dirt. 

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